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A Look at Sentencing Reforms in the Justice Reinvestment Act (JRA): HB1312/SB1005

Over the past decade, the average sentence length for newly sentenced prisoners in Maryland has increased by 23%, demanding an increased share of the state’s resources without, in turn, delivering any public benefits. The Maryland Justice Reinvestment Act (JRA) will change Maryland’s current high-cost, low-return approach to its prison system and, instead, align our priorities with strong public opinion and the science about “what works” to reform criminal behavior. Supported by both Gov. Larry Hogan and General Assembly leadership, the Act enables Maryland to join a nationwide movement favoring lower prison costs and better public safety.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ONjacHyAJ8

Read more at http://www.ma4jr.org/jra-trends/

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