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Hair Salon Health And Safety

Beauty salon workers who paint the nails and treat the hair of millions of Californians are regularly exposed to toxic chemicals — and they may not know it, advocates say.

The advocates are asking California lawmakers to approve legislation requiring cosmetic companies to list the ingredients of beauty products used in professional salons. The bill, which passed the Assembly health committee Tuesday, will next be heard by the environmental safety committee.

Ingredient labels are now required on retail beauty products like makeup or shampoo, but federal law on labeling doesn’t apply to cosmetic products such as hair-straightening treatments or nail polishes used in salons.

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Find A Mommy Makeover Surgeon In Denver, Colorado

Our new blog is designed to present useful information on plastic surgery news, trends, special offers, and the latest events happening at our office.  We want to stay in touch with our local community and present news that will be relevant to our patients.

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How To Lose Your Weight

A Southern California cardiologist’s study of indigenous South Americans found that an extremely healthy lifestyle appears to prevent coronary artery disease, a leading cause of death in the U.S.

Dr. Gregory Thomas, medical director of the Heart and Vascular Institute at Long Beach Memorial, helped lead the research project that was published Friday, March 17, in the British journal The Lancet.

Researchers took CT scans of the hearts of 705 Tsimane adults who live in the Bolivian Amazon. While 91 percent of Americans at age 80 have coronary artery disease, only 15 percent of Tsimane adults had risk of heart disease, which in most cases was low, Thomas said.

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Finding The Find The Clark Family Dentist Right For You

Jun 01, 2012

This policy brief provides data and analysis of coverage and access to oral health care for low-income nonelderly adults. Lack of resources to pay for dental services, either through dental insurance or out-of-pocket, is a major barrier to oral health care for many low-income Americans. The problem is particularly acute for low-income adults, who are more likely to be uninsured than low-income children.

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Out Of Hours Dental Surgery

White Birch Oral Surgery is a full scope Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice located in Dover, NH. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of surgical care and comfort to all our patients. To achieve our goals we rely on and utilize the most advanced techniques and latest technology available to our field. Our compassionate, respectful and knowledgeable professionals will make your visit a pleasant experience while providing the highest quality care. Our dedicated, and team of caring surgical assistants and patient care coordinators have earned a reputation of excellence on New Hampshire’s seacoast. Dr.Reich is a Board Certified, highly trained Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who has been in practice on the seacoast for nearly ten years. He recently earned the state wide honor of “Top Oral Surgeon”.

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Kettlebell Training Dallas Tx

We love kettlebell training, and we think you should too.


Well, there are many reasons to love kettlebells…

Kettlebells train the entire body at once through full body movements. This is functional movement that will make life activities easier….Everything from hauling groceries from the car, to running three miles, to increasing your deadlift max, to getting out of bed in the morning.


Kettlebell workouts for athletes

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