Beginners Make Bank With Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Affiliate Marketing (a.k.a. referral marketing) is a process in which an individual is paid to successfully promote a product of a service for a company. It is one of the most brilliant online business models for both the company offering the product or service and the person seeking to make money online. The company is able to recruit and empower an independent sales force that they only pay if and when a sale is made, which saves them lots of overhead such as salary and marketing costs. An affiliate marketer can promote nearly any type of product or service without having to store products or provide any fulfillment or customer support AND get paid very well to do it!

Roles in Affiliate Marketing
The Merchant is the company offering the product or service. It is the merchants job to set up the affiliate program, then recruit and train the affiliate marketers. Often this is done by a specialist called an affiliate manager.

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